Posted by: A. | February 20, 2014

Trigun Review S1E13: “Vash the Stampede”

“So those scars are the price you paid for dealing with your opponents without killing them.”

-Meryl Strife, Trigun S1E13: “Vash the Stampede”

Brief synopsis: Meryl writes a report that involves a lot of flashbacks. She and Millie discover that Vash is covered in scars. *Note: This will be a shorter review as there was only about five minutes of new content.

Title Significance: Most of this episode is just flashbacks to previous episodes as Meryl writes her report and tries to reason out who Vash the Stampede actually is. The flashbacks and her conversation with Meryl all focus on him, making “Vash the Stampede” quite an appropriate title.

There is also a huge revelation about Vash at the end of the episode. The glimpse of the scars beneath his coat tell a story of a man who has been hurt and betrayed quite often, and yet still refuses to take a life. This glimpse gives us more insight into who Vash the Stampede is than anything else we see in this episode.

Love and Peace: The one little bit of new information we get this episode was Vash’s scars. This is a result of his pacifism. Vash has enough talent that he would be able to get out of most of these situations unscathed if he was willing to kill someone or even allow someone to die. But he is not willing, and the scars tell that tale.

Love and peace is what defines Vash the Stampede. It’s who he is as a person and it even has marked his body. All the situations he got into because of the bounty on his head, or because he felt the need to try and save someone, everything done in the name of love and peace has left it’s mark.

Success of love and peace: It’s really a great example how much love and peace has actually hurt him.

What “Vash the Stampede” does right:

  • Vash’s body – At the end of the episode, we get to see what’s under Vash’s red coat. We see a body with deep scars and wounds that will never truly heal. We see the result of his refusal to kill anyone. It’s a very powerful moment and it makes a huge statement about Vash and his pacifism.

What “Vash the Stampede” could have done better:

  • Flashbacks – There is no reason for a clip show episode. Clip show episodes are so worthless, and even though I liked the part about Vash’s body, they tacked it onto the end of the episode, so I can’t just skip it. Fifteen minutes of stuff I’ve already seen and random insurance girl yammering, then two minutes of plot. I hate that so much.
  • Insurance girls – Not only are we stuck with a clip episode, it is a flashback told through the eyes of the insurance girls. It just takes an episode that I care very little about and makes it even more annoying. If we got more information about their travels or how they got into this position, I would be much more forgiving, but as is, it’s absolutely worthless.

Overall: God, I hate  clip shows.


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